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Welcome to the World of Absinthe, welcome to ALANDIA. In our online shop you will find everything that is connected to the glorious spirit of the 19th century. You can buy real Absinthe, original Absinthe spoons, glasses, carafes as well as beautiful Absinthe fountains. We have it all, because we are the World of Absinthe. 



We ship to the USA, Canada, Japan and many other destinations. We offer a delivery guarantee, meaning that we will cover any risk that can occur during shipment (breakage, loss etc.). There is absolutely nothing you have to worry about. Shipment is done via Airmail or Courier Express depending on your location. You find further information about shipping & payment at our store. Enjoy your journey to the fascinating World of Absinthe!



How much alcohol has real Absinthe?

The standard alcohol percentage of real Absinthe is 68% (136 proof). Nevertheless there are much stronger and as well weaker Absinthes available for sale. The floor is 40% (80 proof) the ceiling 89.9%. But alcoholic strength is not the most important thing about the Green Fairy. But it has an influence on the way how you prepare your glass of Absinthe. The traditional way of prepration is the French Absinthe ritual. It is also shown below in our Absinthe ritual video. You take a glass and a spoon, some sugar cubes and prepare your drink. Without fire! The fire ritual, also known as the Czech fire ritual, has a bad reputation in the Absinthe community. Because the fire destroys the taste of the fine spirit. Why should you distill with perfection if someone lights up your product in the end..? Therefore the fire ritual is - if at all - only suitable for lower quality Absinthes. 

Below you find a list of Absinthes with different alcohol degrees. The strongest, Hamlet Hardcore has 69%. Trust, us, that is damn strong. Hamlet is not distilled, it is a macerated Absinthe, therefore the production is not that time-intensive and the price is lower in comparison to premium Absinthes like ALANDIA Verte. If you want to buy and taste a real Absinthe, made like in the 19th century, then get yourself a bottle of ALANDIA Verte. Our bestseller is Strong68. Like the name suggests, it is a strong Absinthe in terms of alcohol and wormwood. It is distilled, but less complex in comparison to ALANDIA Verte.



What is the effect of real Absinthe?

If you drink Absinthe you will experience, that it has a different effect in comparison to regular alcohol like beer, champagne or even whiskey. This is of course partly a result of the high alcohol percentage of the drink. But as well the result of the herbal ingredients. All of the "botanicals" have some qualities. Have in mind that most of the herbs used for distilling an Absinthe are ingredients that are also used for medical purposes (e.g. fennel, anise, chamomille etc.). Therefore the inspiring effect of the drink is a mix of the buzz from alcohol and the buzz from the essential oils of the herbs. 

 The ingredient that gave Absinthe ie is wormwood (lat. artemisia absinthium). The essential oil of the wormwood plant contains thujon or thujone. An ingredient that is regarded as toxic. But as you know, drinking Absinthe is legal. Modern research showed that the amount of thujone that is consumed with a glass of the green spirit does not harm your body and mind. And we have to mention that even Absinthe from the 19th century did not contain more thujone than contemporary brands. Nevertheless, Absinthe should be consumed moderately as it is a high proof liquor. But Absinthe is NOT A PSYCHADELIC DRUG. We have to write it in capital letters, because there are so many misconceptions around...

Where can I buy real Absinthe online?

You can buy real Absinthe online at ALANDIA: The Absinthe store ALANDIA was founded in 2001, you can say we were the first movers, right after Absinthe got legalized in the European Union in 1998. Pretty soon we started to produce as well different Absinthes according to historical recipes. Our portfolio ranges from premium Absinthes distilled in France according to 19th century recipes, to more extraordinary Absinthes, focusing on extraordinary ingredients and packaging, like Hamlet Hardcore with its iconic skull bottle.

ALANDIA proudly serves the Absinthe Community since 2001. We would be very happy if we can welcome as well you to the community. We will do our very best to provide you with the best customer service, real Absinthe and traditional accessories. Start your journey now!



Read what other Absintheurs say about ALANDIA:

„Very fast shipment, thank you, expected it to arrive much later...Love the strong 68"

Dustin from Anchorage

„I'm a long time customer of yours, and have sampled over 200 different absinthes so far. And honestly, heritage verte is one of my favorites!!“

Rod from USA

„i was a bit skeptical in the beginning, as i dont order a lot online. but you guys made my day. everything arrived in time and now i can have my FIRST glass of absinthe, i'm so excited...! thanks alandia and thanks matthias.“

Ashton from USA


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